Based on change, innovation, and trust through the harmony with emotion and technology, we exchange and cooperate with our partners. By continuously absorbing new technology and culture, the tangible/intangible businesses are created. We are always making new areas based on the adventure & pioneer spirit to be one step ahead. It will make our life more plentiful and affluent. We solve your problems by finding the optimum solution in the environment of the time.
Entrance Korea Magazine always provides information desired by teenagers the most rapidly and accurately.
By strengthening the publicness and equal chance of high-quality info through the creation of contents and programs about college info, admission info, educational policy, and control of private education through web and mobile, we provide high-quality information to teenagers.
We will also put our best effort to discover/develop various teenager participation programs for participation, sharing, and experience till the date the world universities are introduced on top of Korean universities.
‘We are continuously converging fruitful culture contents with much more people into the broader world’.
In order to give dreams and hopes to teenagers and undergraduates, we are performing various cultural marketing. Through diverse and in-depth programs and contents, the door of emotion and rationality should be open to the future generation and its group. We support them to meet more people, by converging culture with technology.
Everything like promotion, advertising, and marketing should be converged with new technology.
The solution optimized for the environment of the time is always provided. We provide solutions, exceeding the traditional agency business. We find and solve problems of our partners.
  • Production of brand video
  • SNS Marketing
  • Production of new technology conversion image
  • Open Studio
By looking for something new and forming digital contents, we suggest/provide them to our customers.
Our core research task is to create new values.